Technical stuff

The browser plugin runs on Windows and Linux. At the moment, an installer only exists for Windows, although it would be easy to build one for Mac and Linux as well. More on that soon, stay tuned...


In a deathmatch game, you earn money by capturing drop pods, then use it to purchase weapons and abilities for yourself and up to two other units. Or you can save up for better stuff later on.


In Survival mode, up to four players cooperate to defeat an army of enemy AI. Each wave pits you against enemies with different weapons and abilities. You receive a fixed amount of money after each wave, and no helper units are allowed.


TabSwitch between primary / secondary weapon
FLunge + melee
Middle-clickSpecial ability
TMultiplayer chat

Unit commands

Q or E (depending on which unit you want)Attack the highlighted enemy or capture a drop pod.
Double-tap Q or EActivate the unit's special ability.


ShotgunSlow rate of fire. Effective at close range. Holds eight shells.
ChaingunHigh rate of fire. Inaccurate and weak at long ranges. Cheap but less effective than most weapons.
SniperMedium rate of fire. 2X zoom. Infinite range. Capable of one-shot kills. Holds four bullets.
PistolHigh rate of fire. Medium range. Holds twelve bullets. Capable of pinning enemies to walls.
Grenade launcherVery slow rate of fire. Blasts surrounding units and objects away upon detonation. Good area damage.
MolotovVery slow rate of fire. Catches nearby enemies on fire, causing lethal damage over time. Good for weakening enemies before switching weapons.

Special abilities

CloakPermanently cloaks one unit from enemy AI units. When activated, cloaks the whole squad from AI units for ten seconds.
ShieldPermanently decreases ranged damage for one unit by 50%. When activated, shields the whole squad for ten seconds. Useless against fire, grenades, and melee weapons.
AwesomeRenders one unit invincible for ten seconds upon activation. Also drastically increases movement, firing, and reload speed.
KamikazeUnleashes a powerful suicidal explosion after a three second delay upon activation.
RocketUpon activation, launches one unit toward the targeted enemy, causing a devastating explosion upon impact.