Code and visual assets created by me, using Notepad++, The GIMP, and Blender. The "Complex", "Grid", "Archplex", "Impact", "Cross-section", "Gold", "Sector X", and "Matrix" maps were created by Bobpoblo in Hammer. Sound assets are from the FreeSound project, edited with Audacity.

Development process

My name is Evan Todd, and I'm currently studying Computer Science and Engineering at Ohio State. I'm et1337 on (and most other sites).

This game is almost entirely a one-man show (with the exception of Bobpoblo, who did some fantastic work on the maps!), developed completely in spare time. I started designing the concept during Christmas 2008, and development began in January 2009. Here's an early screenshot:

Early screenshot

You can see more development screenshots in the complete screenshot album.

You can get the source, view the version logs, and more at the SourceForge project page.

In August 2009, I started a development blog. You can follow my progress over the last few months of fixing and polishing here:

I also post some details of my work on my Twitter account. (follow me!)